Tuesday, 20 March 2007

No excuse

Now I have no excuse to say that I've lost my keys. That's one less thing to worry about. It is amazing how many things have gone missing in our house since the start of the restoration last October. We are in a big mess again as we've been having the kitchen floor tiled. I must say though, the new tiles make a good background for photography.

I've spent the morning felting, it calms me down. I'm making a new bag using the technique of adding antique lace so it's new ground again, a huge learning curve, but that's what I like.

I made the felt rather thicker than I normally do when adding lace so it was much harder to get the fibres to come through. However the texture is reasonable
as it was a pretty lace you can still see most of the pattern. I shall use this for the fold over of the bag so I have now got to work out how to attach it to the main body. Another challenge, I think I'll sleep on it.


Rebecca (feltmaking and sustainable living in rural Ireland) said...

Thats a lovely effect, do the fibres come thro the fabric much?

Congratulations on your etsy shop.

SandieK said...

Hi Rebecca. The fibres hardly show at all. They come through just enough to catch hold of the lace. Obviously the longer you rub the more they come through. In order to full the felt I throw it hard on the shower floor. I must say its really exhausting but good exercise. The more the felt shrinks the more puckered the lace becomes.
Thanks for looking at the shop, I just hope I can sell some things now. Good luck with your new venture by the way.