Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My latest creation - snow angels

Snow angels emerging from the Autumnal leaf fall.

Friday, 23 September 2011

'HOME' needle felted hanging.

A little felted HOME hanging I made last week for my son and his fiance for their new home.
As I have the decorators in at the moment the house is very cluttered so I was unable to get my embellisher out or indeed do any wet felting. I decided to make the felt by needling it. It took rather longer than anticipated as I used only one needle. I really must treat myself to a multi needle tool.

Monday, 22 August 2011

'Mollie makes' crochet frame with a bit of a twist.

Just had to make something slightly different to the instructions in the 'Mollie Makes' magazine. 
So what's new.
Instead of a thin bangle ring I chose to use an antique French wooden curtain ring to crochet around, it was VERY thick.
Not being an experienced crochet person I found this really difficult but I persevered. I had to do half trebles instead of trebles but I think it looks rather good, although I say it myself.

I then got out my embellisher and made a felt piece slightly larger than the internal frame. I then laid some antique lace on the felt and embellished it. After spending ages finding the linen faces I had drawn and printed, I cut one out and glued it down. I find this easier than embroidering it on, as the linen I use tends to fray. Next  I cut out a snippet of French vintage fabric from my Rag Rescue stash and embellished the edges covering them over with embroidery using vintage silks. The legs are made of silk ribbon sent to me by a German customer. All I had to do then was add some yellow curly fleece and embroider some buttons on the dress. Voila...A little ribbon bow and it was finished.
The felting took far less time than the crochet but I think it was worth it. 
What do you think?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How a rainbow was formed.

Once upon a time many many years ago, an old man lived in a straw hut at the base of a mountain range. His hut was sited near a waterfall that flowed into a river, which ran across his land. As there was plenty of water available, the soil was very good for growing and as soon as the sun warmed up the earth, flowers began to grow. For some reason, that puzzled the old man ,all of the flowers were white. Although very pretty in their shape and smell, the old man was very sad, as he would have liked a field full of pretty coloured flowers.

One day when the sun was shining brightly, the old man had an idea. He found some paint pots full of pretty coloured paint and went into the field.

The old man got out his paint brush and started to paint the flowers all different colours.

Whilst he was painting, two large birds flew down to see what he was doing.

The old man tried to shoo them away, but the birds kept flying over the wet flowers

As the birds flew over the wet flowers, their tail feathers got covered in colourful paint.

The two birds flew up into the sky everytime the old man shooed them away and as they flew across the sky they left trails of coloured paint from their tails

I created this picture for my five year old granddaughter Molly.
The base is wet felted and I used the embellisher to enhance it. I added additions of vintage fabric flowers that have been stuffed giving them a 3D appearance. Some of the flowers have been embroidered using vintage silks. Other flowers are vintage crochet pieces with the addition of beads.
The two birds are made from 1950's pieces of smocking with addition of vintage feathers.

If you would like to print this story with pictures for your own children, I would ask only that you contact me first. No permission is given for other purposes.

All fabrics, threads and trims are from my Rag Rescue website.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

My little felting star

During the Christmas holidays my granddaughter Molly was told at school to make a journal of what she did in the holidays and what her hopes were for 2011. Molly was five years old just before Christmas. My daughter asked if I could do some felting with her for the cover of her journal. She had a wonderful time and the results I think were wonderful for her age. What do you think?

On the left is her pet rabbit, top central is her Christmas tree, bottom left is a giraffe that has slipped on the ice and her flower fairy on the right.

My daughter sewed the felt on to card.

All the embroidery stitches Molly did by herself.

I couldn't photograph everything that she did in her journal as there were too many pages but here are a few -

The teacher was so impressed that Molly had to take her journal to show the Headteacher and as you can see below she got a Headteachers award.