Saturday, 19 May 2007

Therapy on the cards

No. 1

In a few weeks time this last six months of tearing the house down and building it up again, will seem like a dream. The builders couldn't believe how calm we have been throughout it all.
That's what they think!

No. 2 Emergence.

Emerging from the abyss.

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Happiness reigns.

Peace and quiet-----

Until tomorrow .....when the family arrive with all of their worldly goods

I keep telling Ludo, (the dog) enjoy today and tonight because the chaos starts again tomorrow, just in a different way. Daughter, husband and 17 month old Molly staying for a little while or possibly even longer. Still at least we are off to Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire for a week of fairs next week Escape.... I'm only joking as I'm really looking forward to the next couple of years, we will all just need a little time to adjust I suppose.
All tips gratefully received.

Cards for sale at my Feltissimo shop £5.00 each.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Light relief

All I seem to have been doing for the past two weeks or more is painting, so yesterday I had a day just for me. We had a wedding invitation from our neighbours. Unfortunately we can't go to the wedding. It is next weekend and Steve will be away moving Jay, Ryan, Molly and all their worldly goods from Rugby to our house in Morecambe. I don't actually know them very well as a few weeks after we moved into our house he sold his private ambulance station and bought a dwelling in the States. He kept a flat next door but returns only occasionally. However I thought it was really sweet of them to invite us to the reception so I thought I would make them a piece of felt art to remember their big day.
Yesterday I was trawling google images to hopefully find inspiration when I came across a Russian artist named Maria Skrebtsova. As Steve's family are Russian I delved deeper and found the most amazing paintings which have influenced me in the two piece of felt work you see here.
Above you can see the flat felt I created, I just loved the movement Maria created in her paintings and I tried to copy this movement in the felt.

I have needle felted the two hearts and their initials and then framed it. I removed the glass from the 1940's frame and padded the felt behind making it curve out giving a 3D effect.
Fingers crossed that they will like it.

I have also had to make a thank you card for a dear old lady who was so good to me when I lived in Rugby. She was the friend of my mother in law and we discovered that she has liver cancer so they both moved into a nursing home just before my mother in law left Rugby. Out of the blue a few days ago I received a lovely card from her and inside was a really unusual packet of ancient sewing needles. The front is like an old envelope and is addressed to the shop from which it was on sale at least 100 years ago. She knew that not only do I sell haberdashery but that I also collect it myself. What a kind thought.

I couldn't resist making this thank you card for her. It another piece of felt inspired by Maria Skrebtsova. I know that she will treasure it and probably show it to all of her friends in the nursing home.

Well I'd better get back to the painting, just once around the skirting boards, window and door frame and hooray that's me finished. All ready for the family to move in.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

2nd attempt at needle felting

Well I finally got Pa completed. To say that I have taught myself this technique, I'm quite pleased with the results. At least I can sit and watch the telly in the evenings and create something at the same time.
One thing I must say is that I don't find it as stress releasing as wet felting, where I can really loose myself and float away sometimes. I do hope in the next few days to create some more wet felting as I really need to de-stressed at the moment. 10 more days until the family arrive. Will I ever get everything done?

Monday, 7 May 2007

1st attempt at needle felting.

I've been baby minding for the past couple of days and thought that in those rare spare moments I would try my hand at needle felting. So here is my first attempt.
Welcome to the
Feltiss Family. I'm now working on Feltiss Pa so will show him to you when I get chance. I must admit I'm quite suprised with what I achieved, so will continue snatching the odd moments and who knows what I will be able to do.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Mollys first attempt at wet felting.

My granddaughter Molly is staying with me at the moment and although she is only 16 months old, she made this wonderful piece of wet felting. I gave her the pink pre-felt and she chose the other colours. She giggled all the way through the process thoroughly enjoying the whole experience and infact screamed when we stopped and was taken out of her high chair. My daughter is going to frame it and it will take pride of place in her new bedroom which we have just decorated together.

I hope to be listing a little more frequently now as we have decorated 4 bedrooms and have only one to go. I don't want to see another paint brush for a long time, well not until we start on the lounge.