Wednesday, 23 September 2009


As you all know I'm into recycling in a big way, not only with the antiques and recycled fabrics at Rag Rescue but I also subscribe to 'Freecycle'. I'm always on the look out for items for the home and for myself. My latest acquisition was a Rohan sleeveless fleece pullover, which I bought in a charity shop for £1.50. It is in perfect condition, I don't think it has ever been worn. I wanted something to keep me wark whilst at the antique fairs.The trouble was it was a dark grey, not a colour I normally go for, but at that price I couldn't resist it. I got it home and out came my felting wools. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to go about felting it on the embellisher as I had never felted a made up item before.
Here it is, see what you think, I'm rather pleased with it.

I was a bit short of time as life is rather hectic at the moment but when I have more time I think I will felt the back as well and perhaps do some machine embroidery on it.


Sandy said...

What a perfect solution. I love it.

The Felt Fairy! x said...