Saturday, 30 December 2006

Experimenting with surface texture.

I just can't resist fabric that has an interesting texture and so I decided to experiment with felt textures. I wanted to get a 3D effect so I used an antique lace piece. As I sell antique lace I have plenty of oddments to use so I wondered what effect felting would give. I used just two layers of Merino wool and placed the lace on top. It took a long time for the fibres to come through the lace and even longer to full. I ended up throwing it in the sink many times to shock the fibres into shrinking and pulling the lace together. I think you will agree that the result is very pleasing. It looks like barnacles on a rock and although the scanner does not show the 3D effect very well it is very bumpy.

The reverse is plain and very thick so has many uses, I've just got to think of one so it will go in my box awaiting an idea. All suggestions gratefully received.


Rebecca said...

This is really a great effect, can't wait to have a go on some fabric.

SandieK said...

Hi Rebecca, glad you like it. I must admit I almost gave up with it until I remembered at the class we had thrown the fabric onto a stone outside to shock the fibres through. I have some lovely fabric that I will try this method with and if I have success I'll post it here.

Holly said...

Love the Nuno felt. It's really a nice effect.