Thursday, 4 January 2007


High tide at Morecambe Bay, so peaceful and tranquil unlike at home. Due to massive house renovations as part of the sprucing up of Morecambe, our house has been in turmoil since October. Not only have we had a new roof but the whole of the front of the house has been replaced. English Heritage have been very kind to us in funding a large part of the project but every part of the building work even down to paint colours has to be passed by them. We are still awaiting the arrival of the new sash cord windows so Christmas was a quiet affair. Steve managed to brighten the lounge up by placing tinsel on the boarded window openings and we did manage to get the majority of the dust and rubble away in order for mum to sit comfortably. Fortunately we can live and sleep in the back part of the house which isn't being touched. This part is single storey and was originally where the fisherman kept his cart. At the beginning of the 20th century the whole house or rather three houses were turned into an ice-cream parlour with ice cream being made at the back. Now the shop windows have been removed and we are back to the front looking like a house again.

Felting helps me to forget all of the mess around me and I'm able to drift off into a land of dreams. At the moment the felting has had to be put on hold as my work room and stock room for the antiques business we run, needs it's annual sort out. I have managed to place some items on my website for a NEW YEAR SALE and I have loads of things to place on eBay but I am determined to get some more felting done at the weekend.

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