Tuesday, 5 December 2006

My first attempt at Felting

Hi everyone, a few months ago I went on a fantastic course on making wet felt. I was so inspired that I have taken it up as my hobby. I'm going to show a few of my pieces so far. Please remember that these are first attempts but I am learning all of the time.

The picture above is my first attempt produced at the 1 day course. It was made using marino wool tops with additions of pre- felts and knitting wools of different textures.

The second picture shows the other piece made at the course. This was just a test sampler finding out what happened to a variety of fabrics when laid on top of the wool. I think it made a lovely effect.
I find felting really very relaxing. I've now ordered some of my own wools and a book to help me to be a little more ambitious. I would really like to hear from other felt makers. I'm still getting used to blogger so will post again tomorrow.

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shepherdess said...

this looks like it was a fun class.