Sunday, 23 October 2016

Felt hanger or parcel tag with antique rose toile addition.

I've made this felt hanger or tag from pink merino wool fibres and silk strands. The felt has been made by a process of wet felting by hand so that the hooks on the wool all lock together creating a strong fabric.

It has been embellished with one of my favourite antique textiles, French toile fabric. This image of a red rose has been sewn onto the felt with machine stitching and further decoration has been added with hand embroidery using vintage cream silks.
 The hanger has been stiffened on the reverse with the addition of decovil light fabric and then covered with a vintage 1960's fabric.

A vintage white button has been sewn at the top and attached to it is a pale pink coloured ribbon.

I have made the ribbon quite long so that if wished a bow could be formed.

Measures approx. - 9.5/3.7"cms x 5.cms/2"
 These unique hangers/tags can be used in a variety of places in the home, hanging on a wall, door or drawer knob. They could decorate your bag or used as a tag, personalise a special gift. the uses are endless.
This will come packed neatly in a box which makes it ideal for a gift.

An ideal Christmas gift.

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