Monday, 31 October 2016

Felt and silk brooch in the shape of a boot. Christmas gift

A felt and silk brooch that I have made in the shape of a boot.

 When making the felt my the wet felt method I covered the merino wool with pure silk. This has given the brooch a wonderful tactile smoothness. To get a spotted pattern on the boot I needle felted afterwards which has left tiny spots over the surface where the underlying wool shows.

The hand embroidery adds further detail and I used vintage silk threads to work stem stitch and french knots.

 Brooches need to be handled quite a lot, so in order to make the brooch firm, I have sandwiched a layer of Decovil light iron interfacing between the felt front and the vintage fabric back to which I added a secure pin.

 This pretty felt brooch will make a wonderful addition to a jumper, cardigan, dress or blouse. It would also look great on a bag.

The customer will receive the felt brooch packaged securely in a box. I will then place the box in a plastic postage bag to keep dry.

Feltissimo has many years experience of shipping items. I pride myself in ensuring that all items arrive at their destination in good condition.

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