Sunday, 27 February 2011

My little felting star

During the Christmas holidays my granddaughter Molly was told at school to make a journal of what she did in the holidays and what her hopes were for 2011. Molly was five years old just before Christmas. My daughter asked if I could do some felting with her for the cover of her journal. She had a wonderful time and the results I think were wonderful for her age. What do you think?

On the left is her pet rabbit, top central is her Christmas tree, bottom left is a giraffe that has slipped on the ice and her flower fairy on the right.

My daughter sewed the felt on to card.

All the embroidery stitches Molly did by herself.

I couldn't photograph everything that she did in her journal as there were too many pages but here are a few -

The teacher was so impressed that Molly had to take her journal to show the Headteacher and as you can see below she got a Headteachers award.

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