Monday, 22 August 2011

'Mollie makes' crochet frame with a bit of a twist.

Just had to make something slightly different to the instructions in the 'Mollie Makes' magazine. 
So what's new.
Instead of a thin bangle ring I chose to use an antique French wooden curtain ring to crochet around, it was VERY thick.
Not being an experienced crochet person I found this really difficult but I persevered. I had to do half trebles instead of trebles but I think it looks rather good, although I say it myself.

I then got out my embellisher and made a felt piece slightly larger than the internal frame. I then laid some antique lace on the felt and embellished it. After spending ages finding the linen faces I had drawn and printed, I cut one out and glued it down. I find this easier than embroidering it on, as the linen I use tends to fray. Next  I cut out a snippet of French vintage fabric from my Rag Rescue stash and embellished the edges covering them over with embroidery using vintage silks. The legs are made of silk ribbon sent to me by a German customer. All I had to do then was add some yellow curly fleece and embroider some buttons on the dress. Voila...A little ribbon bow and it was finished.
The felting took far less time than the crochet but I think it was worth it. 
What do you think?

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