Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Third attempt at making felt slippers

My sons felted slippers. I finally completed them.
I've had a lot of problems making slippers mainly because I used merino wool rather than the Norwegian C3 wool I used here. However these turned out well, very thick and hopefully the correct size this time.
I have learnt a great deal during this process and in a few weeks time I shall put all of my findings down here with some very useful tips for anyone else wanting to make durable felt slippers. Tips that I didn't find on any other tutorial and blog sites which I hope will stop others being as frustrated as I was.
I'm away for a week but will post the tips on my return.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Floating in front of the sun.

My second cushion centre.

I thought I'd use two previously worked pieces to make another cushion centre. The white felt was made on the embellisher and has come out rather domed in shape so I'll put some stuffing behind it before I add it to the base cushion. The rust coloured felt was made by wet felting. It looks like balloons floating in front of the sun. Should go well aside my first felted cushion when I have time to make the cushion.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Success and disaster - Disaster

I forgot to take photographs not intentionally and I wish that I had remembered to as it might have made me feel a little better. Daniel my son had asked for a pair of slippers for Christmas. He has large feet so I asked him to draw around them. Having got the templates I set out to make the slippers adding 1" around the final slipper shape for shrinkage. I made what looked like a nice pair of slippers and even made turn over tops. I finshed them off like Molly's slippers with some soles cut around the original template.
Daniel was working during Christmas as he is a Theatre Recovery nurse, so as we were going to visit him after New Year I knew I could see if they would fit. I must admit I was rather worried as the slippers took ages to felt together but shrank a great deal. However the soles fit OK.
Daniel was delighted with them and immediately put them on. I could immediately see a problem. My worst fears had been realised. His toes stuck over the soles by about 2 inches. His feet had no problem getting into the slipper but his big toe was using the top of the slipper. Within two days a hole appeared.

Guess what I've got to make another pair. I think he must have moved his foot around when marking the pattern, so whilst at his house I drew around one of his trainers and I shall leave a good 2" around that template.
We laughed and joked about it and I even suggested that he cut the top end off, but of course they were supposed to keep his feet warm.

Still 2 out of 3 successes isn't too bad I suppose.

Poor Daniel.

I'd love to know if anyone else has had this problem.

Success and disaster - Success No.2

Slippers for Molly's birthday.

My first pair of slippers. I struggled but got there in the end.

Success I think.

Success and disaster - Success No. 1

The cushion I made for my granddaughter Molly.
I was very pleased with the way it turned out.