Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Third attempt at making felt slippers

My sons felted slippers. I finally completed them.
I've had a lot of problems making slippers mainly because I used merino wool rather than the Norwegian C3 wool I used here. However these turned out well, very thick and hopefully the correct size this time.
I have learnt a great deal during this process and in a few weeks time I shall put all of my findings down here with some very useful tips for anyone else wanting to make durable felt slippers. Tips that I didn't find on any other tutorial and blog sites which I hope will stop others being as frustrated as I was.
I'm away for a week but will post the tips on my return.


Maureen said...

Looking forward to reading your findings and tips!


Jasmine said...

These felt feet are amazing... I love them.

I recently made some whilst visiting family in Wales. They aren't anywhere near as lovely as yours but i loved the whole process of making them.

I dyed my daughters wool yellow, with turmeric (she particularly wanted yellow felt to make her feet). She did have stained skin for a day or two, but being 3 years old she thought that was fun.

dorie said...

Such an inspiring blog - although I felt for 5 years already, never made feltslippers. This year I must give it a try! These are lovely, the mix with colours is beautifull. Does your son loves them?

Anonymous said...

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