Thursday, 3 July 2008


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I've been experimenting again, but then this is how we learn.
I wanted to enclose some vintage velvet flowers into a piece of wet felting but wasn't sure if and how they would felt, so I took the bull by the horns, so to speak and just got on with it. I thought perhaps I could embroider on top of the felt to give a different dimension so I knew that the felt had to be pretty thin to do this.

Step 1: - Place two thin layers of white merino wool tops and then a thicker layer of variegated yellow green moving into a light brown wool on top. I used wool that had been hand dyed.

Step 2: - Sprinkle dried lavender over the wool to add texture and perfume.

Step 3:- Lay old real silk embroidery threads in place for stems.

Step 4:- Take the central wires from old vintage velvet flower heads. Flatten the flower heads and place at the top of the stems.

Step 5:- Vintage flower stamens can be added to give added floral displays.

Step 6:- Add dried leaves, I got mine from some old pot pourri.

Step 7:- Cover with wispy strands of wool over all the flowers etc, so that they will hold in place.

Step 8:- Cover with net curtaining and wet felt as normal being careful not to move the additions around or scratch your hands on the leaves.

NB That the addition of soapy water isn't added until the design is finished, thus ensuring that the additions of lavender have sunk into the wool and that everything else has a light flimsy covering.

If you have never wet felted before see the brilliant tutorial by Shelby Cefaratti at:-

My next post will be the following stage.

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Sara Lechner said...

thank you for your comment. I love people who recycle material!
your idea with the lavendel water is great! I must try it! thanks for sharing.