Thursday, 26 June 2008

Felting as an avoidance strategy

I just love wet felting as I find it reduces stress. I had no idea what I wanted to create, but having said that, that's how I work. Having all my bits and pieces together I began to lay layers of fabric on the base and what you see above is the result so far.

Normally I don't lay any fibres on top of the fabric but this time I did as I wanted a textured piece but reasonably flat. I used alpaca wool for the first time, something I'd bought at last years woolfest in Cumbria. Not sure how happy I am with using it as it is very hairy and I had to do a lot of trimming. I can see wonderful images in this piece, great ideas for my embellishing.
Follow its journey as I begin to highlight and embellish.

As seen on my RAG RESCUE blog - a wonderful way to use those scrapbags.


Sara Lechner said...

thank you so much for your comment. I see you are also trying new paths.I hope I help to trigger new ideas!

Raggy said...

Sarah, you have definitely triggered off new ideas and methods of working. Your tutorial has been received and it is superb. I can't wait to start.
Watch this space.