Friday, 25 July 2008

She is an inspiration to us all.


She is the artist who inspires me most in my felt work. I have learnt so much from reading her blog and looking at the wonderful items she creates. She has so much enthusiasm and imagination and shares it with us all. Recently she has started selling her methods in the form of tutorials and patterns, which she sells on Etsy. These patterns are copyrighted and you are not able to sell them or the work you produce from them, but for a very small amount of money you are able to learn the techniques which she uses in her work.
Thank you Sarah.

Below you will see photo's of the work I have created from her 2nd tutorial 'Through the window'

As I don't have an embellisher machine, I wet felted, but am very pleased with the results. I was able to use techniques which I didn't know existed and spent many happy hours embroidering, something I haven't done for many years. All I have to do now is to attach it to a cushion cover and it will take pride of place on my new sofa.

Sarah is Swedish and runs two blogs:

Please check them out, you will not be disappointed.


and her new blog


a recycling blog very close to my heart.

My completed embroidered felt work ready for insertion into the centre of a cushion.


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Very beautiful ! I like it. The sara's inspiration is very good. Yours have a medieval inspiration...