Saturday, 30 August 2008

My new toy

I've finally managed to buy an embellisher and am so excited. I had to wait in all day for it to arrive, but it really was worth the wait. This is my first piece on the embellisher punch machine.

My husband is having his book published as we speak. It is a children's book about the Celts and Romans. He will be going into schools to do drama workshops based on the book and wanted a waistcoat that had a Celtic feel to it. So I'm going to embellish typical Celtic art works on some of the panels. I've wet felted the panels first.

Celtic shield.

Sarah's blog was very useful and I got lots of little tips for embellishing. Of course the best way to learn anything is to carry on trying different techniques yourself. I'll have plenty of opportunity to do that with this waistcoat.
The third panel of a little Celtic being still needs some embroidery on his face and I might add a few machine stitches too, as I got a new sewing machine for half price.


Marian said...

what a great use for that embellisher! great celtic motiefs!

Sara Lechner said...

I'm in love with your fish! I hope you are enjoying the embellisher!

Raggy said...

Thank you to you both. I just love my embellisher, I just wish I had more time to create, but have been doing some 'whatifs' Sarah, see my Flickr, they are a great idea for exploring the machines potential and mine of course.

T said...

Looking at the wonderful work you are doing with your embellisher is making me wish that I did more stitching. I love your work.

Helen Suzanne said...

fantastic work. I'm glad you found the embellisher. I love it too.

I see from Fiona Dix's blog that you're in Morcambe! Wow I lived in Arnside/Milnthorpe for years and before that grew up in Ingleton. Nice to see a home girl doing such beautiful work.

Raggy said...

Thank you Helen Suzanne. It really is a small world. We have only lived in Morecambe for 6 years but love it to bits. Are you living close by now?