Thursday, 3 November 2016

Felt brooch, sparkling island. Ideal Christmas gift

Just put this lovely felt brooch into my

 My inspiration for this pretty felt brooch was a sparkling island and the sea as the sun shone down on them.
 I make all of my felt by hand layering wool fibres together and wet felting them so that the fibres become entangled creating a firm felt fabric. For this brooch, I have also added some silk fibres to give more texture. I machined around various areas of the island which has raised them up and added french knots in antique metallic silver thread. Running stitches in the same thread have been added to the sea.
Vintage fabric and pin on the reverse.
 The felt brooch will be packaged securely in a box. I will then place the box in a plastic postage bag to keep dry.
ONLY £6.50 and ideal little Christmas present

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