Saturday, 28 July 2007

Turquoise felted embroidered beads.

Just thought I'd show these today as I had some time on my hands whilst with my mother.
I must say that the felted balls were made by me and the rest of the work, the embroidery, beading and stringing was completed by my daughter.
These were made to go with an outfit my daughter was wearing for her sister - in - laws wedding.

I must say that I found making beads rather tedious especially when they were one colour but I think you will agree that the results are striking.

Lilac floral felted Art Card - Ready for framing.

Yet another Art card. This time it was commissioned for a special birthday. The request was for a larger card than I normally make and although I found this a little more difficult I was pleased with the result. I've used the wools I bought at the woolfest.

For those of you who haven't come across my art cards before, I would just like to explain.

These cards are made entirely from handmade felt apart from the thin central card for a message to be written on. Afterwards this card can be removed easily and after a light press the work of art can be framed.

Finally -completed necklace

Finally -completed necklace
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I finally finished this knitted and felted necklace using late 19th Century Venetian beads at the ends of the woollen strings.. They give the weight it needed at the end. I am exhibiting at the Swinderby and Newark Antique fairs at the weekend si look forward to wearing this necklace. If you see me wearing it, come and say hello.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

My first felted necklace- under construction no.1

I have Knitted this from leftovers of wool. I decided to embellish it with Victorian silk embroidery with the addition of beads and flowers which I needle felted from Merino wool. Just a few more to make and it will be complete. Keep a look out for the finished product.

Stormy sea bowl 1.

Stormy sea bowl 1.
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I made this bowl over a balloon. I was expecting all of the wool to fall off but as you can see it didn't. this is my first attempt at a vessel so I am really pleased with it.

Monday, 2 July 2007

More images from the Woolfest

This felt work was done by members of the Yorkshire Internation Felters Association.
Unfortunately the pictures don't show the whole beauty.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Woolfest 2007

My daughter and I set out for the hour and a half trip up the motorway to the Woolfest yesterday. The rain was lashing down but we were determined to have a wonderful day together. We had no idea what the show at Cockermouth would be like but it had been advertised as the largest in the country so we felt pretty sure that our journey would be worth it.

The rain had stopped for a minutes on our arrival and we were so very surprised at the amount of cars there. We were sent to park high up overlooking the venue.
After managing to walk down the slippery wet steps, we entered the animal sheds where the fest was taking place. It was the second day so we had missed some of the entertainment like the hog roast and sheep sheering but there were over a hundred stalls to look at.

There was that wonderful aroma of sheep and damp fleece, as we headed through the crowds for the cafe and a quick sit down and drink. We were so eager to look at the goods that I left half of my coffee and headed for the stalls. It wasn't long before our heads were spinning with the vibrant colours, the beautiful items of clothing and the wool. I've never seen so much wool, different colours tones and textures, bag fulls, sack fulls. To just look and feel was pure ecstasy. I came away loaded with a variety for wool for my felting and my daughter was equally loaded with with superb hand dyed and painted knitting wool.

I was so busy looking at the stalls, that I didn't take as many pictures as I had wished, but I managed a few. Just look at these sheep, they are so cute.

More on the Woolfest tomorrow.