Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas cards at the ready.

My apologies to all my blogger friends for not looking and commenting on your blogs these past few weeks. There has been a huge family crisis and I just couldn't get my head around anything. Hopefully the crisi will ease slightly next weekend and I will be going away to sell at my bi-monthly antique fairs. For details of the fairs see my
Rag Rescue blog

What has helped me release some of the tension in myself has been my felting. I decided to make my Christmas cards this year and above are some photographs of just a couple of them. I also made some patchwork ones and embroidered those.
It si the first time that I've made my own cards so I hope the family and friends will enjoy them.

Peace reigns in the house this weekend as my husband and I are on our own so I'm going to spend some time surfing through all your blogs.

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Judy Scott said...

beautiful cards ~ Happy Christmas:)