Wednesday, 27 June 2018

nuMONDAY shop listings for Feltissimo

I'm trying to put lots of stock into my NuMONDAY shop this week. Yesterday I completed listing the Felted miniture wall hangings of Florence and now I have the complete collection of Garden brooches online in my

Yesterday it was really hot up here in Morecambe 30 degrees. Today is going to be even hotter. I can't remember more than one hot day all the time I've lived here.
Today I am completing an embroidered floral wall hanging I've been working on for a while. I'll show it to you tomorrow. I'm also going to make some small felted pictures today, so windows open and fans on.
Here are the two collections that are in my nuMonday shop.

The Garden brooch collection.

The miniature 'Florence' wall hanging collection.

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