Sunday, 24 January 2016

No. 9 in the Florence Collection

All nine of the lovely felted miniature wall hangings are now in my Etsy shop at

Florence no. 9 is dressed in blue merino wool fibres and white silk fibres. Her hair, hat and collar have been embroidered with vintage silks.
Florence has been placed on a felted air bubble floating in the sea which was made on the embellisher machine using white, pink, blue merino wool fibres with the addition of silk fabric and machine stitching.
 The blue background on which Florence is mounted has been made using white merino wool and silk fibres which have been wet felted.
The air bubble measures approx. 8.5cms x 7.5cms ( 3.3" x 2.8")
The outer white background measures approx.10.5cms x 9cms ( 4.1" x 3.5" )
I'd love to hear your comments on this collection.
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