Thursday, 6 November 2008

My creations on holiday.

Click on the photo's to see more detail.

I wanted to relax away from it all when we went to Scotland, two weeks ago, so I took along my new embellisher machine. I spent many wonderful hours, while it rained outside, exploring the machine's possibilities. These are a couple of my creations. They will be stuck on to card for Christmas cards for dear friends and family.


ingermaaike said...

They are wonderful!

Fibrespace said...

They look fantastic!

Raggy said...

Thank you both of you. It is the first time that I've embroidering a real object onto felt. I was rather disappointed with it but everyone seems to think it has potential, so I shall do more.

Gabriella said...


I am an A Level Textiles student and came across these images and they really relate to my final project at the moment. As we have to have a certain number of artist's images that we have responded to or been influenced by in our piece I wondered whether I could use your image in my project. If so, would it be possible for you to send me some details about you and the piece (the one I intend to use is the felted forest one), such as your name, what influences you generally and in particular, what influenced the creation of this piece.

Thank you for your time.


ewa-christine said...

This whit felt was GREAT!